Cineplex: Purchase The Tarrantino XX Collection & Receive 2000 Bonus Points

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Cineplex Scene Bonus

Right now on the Cineplex Store purchase the Tarantino XX Collection and receive 2000 bonus scene points. This is in addition to the 330 points you will earn for the purchase normally. So the total points works out to 2,330.This is enough for two free movie tickets.

The Tarantino XX Collection sells for $65.99 on the Cineplex Store. This is for the Blu-ray version of this collection. For comparison, is selling this collection for $59.99.

The Trantino XX Collection is set to release tomorrow, November 20th.

Included in the Collection

  • Pulp Fiction
  • Jackie Brown
  • Resevoir Dogs
  • Kill Bill: Volume 1
  • Kill Bill: Volume 2
  • Death Proof
  • True Romance
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