Costco: True North 100% Merino Wool Long Sleeve Tops for $19.99

Costco Apparel

Costco has a nice offer on 100% merino wool tops right now for both men & women.

The tops for men are under the brand “True North” and are selling for $19.99. They are 100% Merino wool and made in Canada. They come in black, navy blue, green and grey.

The tops for women are under the brand “Segments” and are selling for $16.99. They come in both v-neck and crew neck in a variety of colours.

There were some imitations being sold at Cost as well in the past that aren’t 100% wool, they were a small blend of wool and synthetic material. So make sure to look that you are getting the genuine article.

What is available will vary by location, but these have been spotted at Costco East & West locations.

One response to “Costco: True North 100% Merino Wool Long Sleeve Tops for $19.99”

  1. desucca says:

    do we know whether it’s strong, normal, fine, or superfine merino by any chance? doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, but there’s definitely a difference! either way, seems like a good deal

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