Swiss Chalet Canada Coupons: Get 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners, for $15.99 & More offers

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Swiss Chalet Canada has new coupons available now that include:

  • Dining Room & Take-Out Offers: Get 2 quarter chicken Dinners, 1 appetizer and 1 Slice of Pie, for only $19.99. Enter the coupon code EMAIL261 at checkout to get this offer.
  • Delivery only: Get 2 Quarter Chicken Dinners and 2 Cans of Pop for $19.99. Enter the coupon code EMAIL264 at checkout to get this offer.
  • Deluxe Delivery Dinner for 2: Get 2 quarter chicken Dinners, 2 appetizer, 2 can of pop, for $25.99. Enter the coupon code EMAIL265 at checkout to get this offer.

White meat costs an additional $1.80 per entree. The Swiss Chalet coupons are valid until, December 31, 2017.

Click here to order online from Swiss Chalet Canada. Enjoy 🙂

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