Shoppers Drug Mart: Wii Mini for $89.99

Shoppers Drug Mart Nintendo Wii Mini

Shoppers Drug Mart has a couple of interesting gaming deals in their flyer for this week.

The first is for the Nintendo Wii Mini which releases on December 7th. They have it advertised for $89.99 ($10 off regular price). All other stores are selling it for $99.99 currently.

The second offer is for PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale on the Vita for $29.99 ($10 off).

Shoppers Drug Mart is also having bonus redemption days this weekend on Saturday & Sunday. The more points you spend the more you wil earn extra. Spend 38,000 points and get an extra $10. Spend 50,000 points and get an extra $20. Spend 95,000 points and get an extra $40.

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